Arizona Property Taxes: Professional Services

At Paradigm Tax Group, we're happy to help residents with their Arizona property taxes. Our staff of experts will establish an "open line" policy with our clients so that we're always there to answer common questions and propose the best strategies for your tax process. Our years of experience can help you take better control of your Arizona property taxes. We will thoroughly evaluate your current property and current tax process and provide beneficial feedback on how you can work with the lowest amount of tax exposure possible.

Arizona Tax Process

In Arizona, taxes are established by each county instead of by the state, which means your Arizona property taxes may have a greater chance of varying from year to year. The good news is - Arizona residents are able to pay their taxes in halves. One half of the tax amount is due in the fall while the other half is due around six months later, in the spring. This can help tax payers manage their taxes better.

Arizona Tax Credits

If you're a resident, you may qualify for one of the many tax credits that can reduce your annual Arizona property taxes. We are happy to work with commercial, industrial, multi-residential, and special purpose tax payers to lower their tax rates. If you or your company owns a qualified energy generator that generates renewable energy, you could qualify for the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit.

You could also qualify for a credit if you've installed a water conservation system to collect rainwater or residential graywater. If you're an individual, this would be considered a Water Conservation Systems Credit, but if you run a company, it would be considered a Plumbing Stub Outs Credit. Our experts can also look into Arizona's Earned Income Tax Credit to see if it can help you keep more of what you earn.

The professionals located in our Phoenix office are happy to help the residents in every county of Arizona with their Arizona property taxes. Give us a call today to talk to a friendly representative.