Paradigm’s proprietary portfolio management database, Ascend, gives clients national visibility into their entire portfolio 24/7. Ascend is a cloud-based software application and secure database of detailed client, property and parcel information. Through Ascend, Paradigm’s consultants are able to efficiently and effectively manage entire portfolios of properties and provide clients full transparency to our nationalized process.

The Ascend Portfolio Management Client Portal provides an easily navigable snapshot of your portfolio with easy access to individual property information and real-time updates on the progression of all appeals. Appeal-related documentation, from government notices to value-analyses, is tagged and stored with the associated property. Our sophisticated reporting tool allows both Paradigm and the client to generate customized reports that can be downloaded in a variety of formats whenever necessary.

A dedicated Transition Manger is assigned to every new client to ensure a streamlined and risk-free transfer of data and technology setup. Our Seamless Portfolio Transition and Integration process is supported by Paradigm’s Technology Support Team and Business Service Center.

New Features

  • Bulk data entry tool
  • New office and asset calendar tools
  • Improved billing integration
  • Expanded notification options
  • Custom reporting
  • New Client Portal


"Paradigm Tax Group’s responsiveness, quality of content, national platform and impressive history of success in the industrial sector really set them apart. In addition, the capabilities within their National Portfolio Database provide us with the level of insight and direct interaction we have been seeking for our portfolio.”

Ascend Client Portal

The new Client Portal will display detailed property and portfolio information, new reporting tools, notification options, billing information, and the ability to assign individual user accounts. Ascend is supported by two full-time, in-house computer programmers who are responsible for the overall performance level and ensuring that it meets Paradigm’s and our clients’ high expectations and reporting needs.

Demonstrations of Ascend can be provided on-site by Paradigm Team Members at your convenience. Please complete the form below to schedule a demo.

Ascend Demo


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