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Multi-Family Property Taxes

Paradigm Tax Group specializes in property tax minimization services for multi-family property owners across the United States. With the rising prices of multi-family and commercial properties comes rapidly increasing property tax valuations across the board. There are also endless amounts of complexities involved with the development or sale of these properties. Our national network of subject matter experts can help navigate the tax processes of multi-family properties with our industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing maximum tax savings for your multi-family buildings. 

Real Estate Appeals

Paradigm’s real estate property tax appeal services are performed by our multi-family subject matter experts; all of which are certified appraisers and former tax assessors for the industry. These experts work your behalf and are experienced in performing annual assessment reviews, filing, and presenting tax appeal cases to local tax assessors and assessment boards.

Multi-State Personal Property Tax Compliance

Paradigm is uniquely qualified to service your personal property compliance and consulting needs. Our team has an exceptional track record with national portfolios and consistently displays the requisite mix of technical knowledge, understanding of local market nuances, and the aggressiveness it takes to ensure timely compliance with a focus on multi-family property tax savings.

Multi-Family Audit Management 

Our appeals and audit management services provide you with access to our multi-family experts who will actively manage the full spectrum of your portfolio's property tax audits, familiarizing themselves with all of your return, asset, expense and inventory data in order to avoid future tax liabilities. 

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence and Budgeting

When multi-family property owners look to acquire additional properties, Paradigm can forecast a property’s real estate tax liability for 2-5 years following the acquisition. Our technology provides ample detail and supporting documentation so that it may be used for underwriting purposes or for the preparation of pro forma analyses or tax budgets.

New Construction Cost Reporting

The development of multi-family properties is a highly-specific and often times daunting task with several nuances when it comes to cost reporting. Our team will actively manage your new construction costs and accurately report finance data in real-time, ensuring accurate cost and charge information throughout your multi-family development projects. 

Tax Bill Payment Services

Paradigm’s Tax Bill Payment Services are designed with ultimate speed, accuracy and flexibility to meet the demands of this rapidly expanding industry. We can receive and review all tax bills associated with your entire portfolio of multi-family properties and notify the designated contacts of their payment due dates and notify you of tax amounts due up to six months prior to the tax discount date or tax due date.

Annual Property Level Budget Services

Take control of your entire portfolio's budgeting and reforecasting with our state-of-the-art technology, which helps to reduce costs and improve budget and forecasting accuracy. Our subject matter experts will help manage your budgeting with real-time data retrieval and accurate historical reports, ensuring comprehensive budget management for all of your properties. 

Innovative Technology Platform

Paradigm’s proprietary portfolio management database, Ascend, gives clients national visibility into their entire portfolio 24/7. Ascend is a cloud-based software application and secure database of detailed client, property and parcel information. Through Ascend, Paradigm’s consultants are able to efficiently and effectively manage entire portfolios of multi-family properties and provide clients full transparency to our nationalized process in real-time.

Multi-Family Benefits of Ascend

  • Property Tax Payment History

    Bulk data entry and unlimited data storage allows access to your full portfolio's payment history, broken down by parcel. This history ensures no future savings opportunities or valuation details are missed.  

  • Tax Savings Reports

    The Ascend technology provides detailed savings reports allowing full budget control and increased tax savings over the years.  

  • Real-Time Appeal Status and Results

    Stay updated in real-time as your entire portfolio's appeals are progressing with Ascend's appeal-tracking alert features and open appeals dashboard. Detailed notes and the status of your appeals are available at your fingertips.

  • Property Level Information and Parcel Data

    Value details are recorded per parcel and broken down into a set of sub-properties ensuring no savings opportunities across your entire portfolio are missed. 

  • Standard and Customized Reporting Features

    Ascend's visually appealing dashboard gives you access for an easily navigable snapshot of your portfolio with every detail for your portfolio less than four clicks away. This includes custom reporting features that are specific to your multi-family properties or total portfolio. 


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