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Ascend – Portfolio Management Database System

The ever evolving business landscape requires our clients to search for new and innovative tools to provide and maintain an advantage over their competition. We understand this need and continually strive to provide our clients with the best technology available in the property tax industry.

Ascend – Portfolio Management Database System

Ascend Demo

Paradigm’s state-of-the-art, proprietary property tax database system, Ascend, acts as a centrally located, multi-user software application and secure database of highly detailed client, property and parcel information, all accessible via a web browser. Ascend allows Paradigm to manage entire portfolios of properties efficiently and effectively. We coordinate the entire process with our local Managing Consultants and ensure that our Clients’ best interests are being served.

The Ascend Portfolio Management Client Portal provides clients with secure internet access to your property information 24/7, as well as a sophisticated reporting tool that provides both Paradigm and the client with the capability of generating customized reports that can be downloaded in a variety of formats whenever necessary. In Ascend, clients will own the data, and any termination of our agreement results in the receipt of their information in an agreed upon format.

Recent updates to Ascend provide improved engagement tracking, richer appeal tracking, custom reporting tools, bulk data entry, and a simplified user experience.

New Features

  • Bulk data entry tool
  • New office and asset calendar tools
  • Improved billing integration
  • Expanded notification options
  • Custom reporting
  • New Client Portal

The new Client Portal will display detailed property and portfolio information, new reporting tools, notification options, billing information, and the ability to assign individual user accounts. Ascend is supported by two full-time, in-house computer programmers who are responsible for the overall performance level and ensuring that it meets Paradigm’s and our clients’ high expectations and reporting needs.

Demonstrations of Ascend can be provided on-site by Paradigm Team Members at your convenience. Please complete the form above to schedule a demo.