Our Technology

The ever evolving business landscape requires our clients to search for new and innovative tools to maintain an advantage over their competition. We understand this need and continually strive to provide our clients with the best technology available in the property tax industry.

Paradigm's 360 Technology Suite

Providing comprehensive property tax insights and portfolio management solutions for commercial and industrial real estate.

Portfolio Management Database

The Ascend platform was built specifically to manage appeal activities for large national portfolios. Ascend is a cloud-based software application and secure database of detailed client, property and parcel information.

Automated Valuation Workup Pre-Appeal | Post-Appeal

Our industry-leading subject matter expertise combined with refined data curation process and complex algorithms provides real estate owners with a level of insight into their property values previously unavailable in the industry.

Automated Residential Property Tax Appeals

TurboAppeal is a consumer technology solution to make the process of appealing residential property taxes simple through a seamless, completely online process. Relaunch coming soon!

Swift Transportation

“Paradigm has now been Swift's service provider for over 10 years and has consistently delivered high quality services and great results. If you are considering giving them a try, I wholeheartedly recommend them.”


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