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Personal Property Tax Appeals

In the event of an untimely property tax assessment increase, Paradigm Tax Group’s team of expert consultants are here to assure that your BBP appeals case is prepared thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Our experts will make sure that not only is your parcel set-up for an optimal appeal, but that you understand the appeal process and are familiar with all valuation criteria we are working with to prepare your personal property tax appeal.

Personal Property Appeal Services

Paradigm's Personal Property Appeals services are designed to identify tax planning opportunities related to tangible property and to determine whether the fair market value assigned by the jurisdiction is consistent with the fair market value of the property.

As part of the review, Paradigm may conduct an asset inventory, which includes analysis of the fixed asset records and inspection of the assets in order to identify ghost assets, partial retirements and assets eligible for exemption (e.g., software) or beneficial classification for property tax purposes (e.g., real estate, computer). Paradigm may also conduct a segregation study which identifies and segregates intangible and tangible costs from the capitalized cost of tangible property that are deemed exempt or eligible for a more favorable tax treatment (e.g., engineering layout costs, programming costs, training costs).


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Property Tax Appeals

Our BPP Appeals Process

The following process provides a brief overview of the primary steps and phases that Paradigm’s managing consultants will follow for real property tax assessment appeals.


Step 1
Data Gathering

Collect all necessary information to perform a thorough analysis including an assessment of both financial and market data.

Step 1

Step 1

Establish target values of your properties and create a matrix that maps out savings opportunities within each parcel.

Step 2

Step 1
Review Assessment

Evaluate your tax appeal and conduct preliminary discussions with necessary local and national assessors to ensure an optimal outcome for your appeals.

Step 3

Step 1
Inform Ownership

Present findings upon completion of assessment, to determine if filing the appeal would provide a favorable outcome.

Step 4

Step 1
File Appeal

Submit the appeal. Conduct all informal and formal communication, providing regular status reports and real time data within the Ascend platform

Step 5

Step 1

Present the appeals case to the panel for review, work through litigation as needed.

Step 6

Step 1

Submit status of your parcel’s final value. Deliver status report and breakdown of the final assessments by parcel.

Step 7

Step 1

Provide a final closing report and upload to the Ascend platform.

Step 8

Tax Minimization Results

Our services support you throughout every phase of the Asset Life Cycle.




Property Tax Minimization Services for when you are looking to acquire, expand, or develop a property.

Property Tax Minimization Services for real estate and manufacturing property in the operation and capitalization phase.

Property Tax Reduction Services for when you are planning to dispose of or contract property.

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  • Paradigm Tax Group does not service single-family residential properties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • Paradigm Tax Group does not service single-family residential properties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.