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Maryland Revaluation

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In Maryland, all personal and real property is reassessed every three years; therefore, 2022 is a revaluation year for the entire state of Maryland, including Baltimore.

The county you reside in will send a notice of reassessment when they update your property value and there is a stated deadline to appeal. All tax values are subject to change, but not all will change to the same extent. Values can increase more in some neighborhoods than in others.

The deadline to file is March 31st, 2022

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Don't Risk an Increase to Your Property's Value

A major purpose of reassessment is to make sure that the new values reflect all changes. With the last revaluation period occurring in 2019, property owners should expect significantly higher assessed valuations.

Do not risk an increase in your property’s value or a delayed appeal in 2022. Paradigm Tax Group has an experienced team that can help you navigate the revaluation process before the actual assessment is issued by reviewing the existing properties and their market values.

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We encourage our customers to consult with our experts before assessment notices are issued given the small window of time to file an appeal. Paradigm will work with you to help revalue the entirety of your affected portfolio by submitting an appeal and by providing evidence to ensure that an error has been occurred by the assessors of the property. Our expert tax consultants are put their extensive experience and resources to work on your behalf to make sure your property taxes don’t increase in 2022 as the result of a revaluation.

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Paul Shoupe
Paul Shoup

Market Leader - Maryland

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With over 21 years of experience with national real estate appraisal, valuation, and accounting and consulting firms providing real estate valuation, appraisal, consulting, and ad valorem property tax management for national and regional portfolios including REITs, corporations, manufacturers, retailers, private equity and institutional investors our Maryland Market Leader is ready to handle all of your revaluation needs. We will provide you with a complimentary revaluation consultation where you can discuss the best strategy to ensure that your values do not increase.

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