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Arizona Property Taxes - Tucson Office

In July 2013, Sage Tax Group was acquired by Paradigm and became Paradigm's Tucson Office. This acquisition strengthens Paradigm's commitment to provide exceptional local expertise to Tucson, Arizona and all across the nation.

Our aim is to ensure our clients obtain lowest amount of tax exposure possible. Our professionals are experienced in statewide and local taxes. We can easily assist you in review of property tax matters for appeal in Tucson, Arizona as well as other locations to meet your portfolio needs. We are here to understand, evaluate and work to achieve results for our clients.

We provide clients exceptional tax professionals knowledgeable in certified appraisal, development, regional planning, law and regulatory matters as well as various former tax assessor staff. Our team offers clients a thorough understanding of property tax, rules of appraisal, regulatory matters and the appeal process with over 150 years of combined property tax experience.

The Tucson team provides exceptional work for various property types:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Shopping centers
  • Regional malls
  • Resorts & golf courses
  • Hotel & motel
  • Industrial,
  • Mines,
  • Utility Companies,
  • Office,
  • Mixed use,
  • Special purpose,
  • New and re-developments, and
  • Multi-residential properties

Paradigm began as a Big 4 National Property Tax Group. It has since moved on to become a national independent tax consulting firm with over thirty offices located throughout the country. We know that property taxes often represent anywhere from 30%-50% of a property's annual operating costs, so we have worked hard to become one of the leading tax consulting firms in the country.

Our highly reputable team can take the hassle out of property tax management. In addition to our real property tax and personal property tax services, Paradigm offers transfer and sales tax evaluations, valuation and risk assessments, auditing, process improvement and more.

At Paradigm, we are focused on building long-term relationships with each of our clients. We believe that a strong relationship yields great results. Our goal is to ensure all of your property assessment and tax management needs are fully met. We also maintain confidentiality when it comes to your property tax matters and work in the most professional and reputable manner possible for your Tucson and other properties.

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  • IPT

"Having worked with Paradigm Tax Group since 2008, we highly recommend their services and fully trust them." REI
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