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Tax Bill Payment Services

Paradigm’s Tax Bill Payment Services are designed to track every piece of information for every property in your portfolio with ultimate speed, accuracy and flexibility to meet the demands of the ever-evolving tax industry.

Our system allows clients to budget for the full year, and we can help customize within our OneSource software when you want to pay your bills, ensuring on-time payments and avoiding penalties.

Tax Bill Processing

With the goal of providing as streamlined process as possible, Paradigm Tax Group will work with you to manage all aspects of your tax bill payments, including:

  • Maintaining a tax due calendar.
  • Tracking and procuring tax bills in a timely manner to avoid penalty and interest. Processing tax bills within OneSource Property Tax solution, to include tax bill images and/or equivalent documentation for multi-layer verification and approval process.
  • Providing customizable tax due reports to assist with budgets or tax bill projections.
  • Upon due dates, providing clients with tax due reports, check requests, and AP exports per mutually agreed upon payment rules.

Once tax bills are verified and approved, Paradigm Tax Group will provide funding requests to fund a zero-balance account for check writing with Anybill to the applicable jurisdictions.

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OneSource Property Tax Software

Paradigm uses OneSource Property Tax software solution to manage tax bill information and documents. OneSource Property Tax (OPT) is a cloud-based application with the option for full visibility into your property tax digest from any browser. Initial set-up requires communication with our client to gather pertinent information regarding accounting methodology.

Transmittals and tax bills will be downloaded from OPT and uploaded to be processed into Anybill- a third-party company used by our clients to fund mailing of timely payments to jurisdictions. The transmittals will then be available for the client to approve for payment.

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We have the utmost confidence that Paradigm Tax Group always has our best interest in mind, and will work as long and hard as it takes to get the results. As a company, they are well organized and extremely easy to communicate with throughout the whole tax appeal process.

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  • Paradigm Tax Group does not service single-family residential properties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • Paradigm Tax Group does not service single-family residential properties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.