Tax Credits and Incentives

The government offers Tax Credits and Incentives to for-profit companies for a variety of reasons. From increased capital investments expanding the tax base, to new job growth making a more competitive US workforce and driving new government revenue, these incentives are extremely beneficial to the economy.

Paradigm has been involved in negotiating and securing millions of dollars of property tax abatements and other financial credits and incentives for hundreds of clients all across the country. Since these types of financial benefits are most often associated with new developments or renovations, the timing of researching and applying for them during the site selection process is critical.

Paradigm can assist in pursuing various abatements and/or exemptions for existing or acquired assets. The government is willing to partner with companies that are experiencing or anticipating the following:

  • Opening or expanding a facility
  • Difficulty locating qualified applicants
  • Current workforce needs retrained or upgraded skills
  • Building a pipeline of future workers
  • Developing new curriculum
  • Out-of-state or global competition
  • Interest in delivering jobs and training to those receiving government assistance
  • Downsizing or closing a facility


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