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Why Choose Paradigm?

Paradigm Tax Group is a national consulting firm, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in comprehensive tax management services.

Your Nationwide Commercial Property Tax Consultants

With tax professionals located in 29 cities across the U.S., Paradigm serves clients in all 50 states and Washington D.C. This coverage allows our team of dedicated professionals to understand the nuances to your states tax codes, and work to find solutions based on their knowledge of your area.

Our experts have a proven track record with national portfolios and consistently display the requisite mix of technical expertise, market expertise, and the ability to respond quickly in any situation for our clients.

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Industry Experts

Our nationwide footprint allows us to offer a variety of property tax minimization solutions for commercial real estate across a multitude of industries.

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Decades of Experience

Our team has an average of 15+ years of tax consulting experience in a range of tax minimization services.

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Complimentary Services

We can work through tax solutions simultaneously, without outsourcing, to allow for a single-company solution for your tax needs.

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Client-Centric Approach

Paradigm offers top tier clients the Elite Partner Program and Client Service Leaders (CSL). CSL is a dedicated resource that serves as an extension to their team and provides accountability, oversight, and a single point of contact.

Other firms may offer one point of contact, however, it is important to consider if that contact is also the acting contact for many other clients. Are they managing a full load of appeals and attending appeal hearings for those clients too? Paradigm's CLS's are not in production. They focus on a limited number of clients, allowing for flexibility, real time engagement and open communication when our clients need it.

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Standardized Deliverables

Paradigm offers clients robust, customizable deliverables including: up-to-date tax calendar, budgets, pre-acquisition due diligence, status reports, quarterly business reviews, and more.

  • The reporting we provide will have the same look and feel regardless of the state.
  • Our deliverables are designed to over-inform our clients throughout the appeal cycle.
  • Our goal is to push information to our client base and make it easily digestible.

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Innovative Technology

Ascend Client Portal

As a new era of decision makers have moved-up through their respective industries, technology has become increasingly important. Ascend - Paradigm's proprietary client portal solution, offers a wide array of benefits for clients that help to provide real-time data.

  • Paradigm has spent significant time and resources developing the Ascend system and building out a client portal for easy-use and convenience.
  • Clients have access to real-time data, dashboard functionality, reporting, and much more.
  • Demo's are available for clients to engage with the software to see how it functions and experience the full-bandwith of the benefits it provides.

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  • Paradigm Tax Group does not service single-family residential properties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • Paradigm Tax Group does not service single-family residential properties at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.